Friday, July 3, 2009

Bucks's Head, Micham, Surrey

On 10 September 1795, spy Powell reported from a meeting of the General Committee that:

57. Request a deputation to go to Micham in Surry on Friday evening to be No. 60. (This No given to a former division having no house to meet at the members transf themselves to other divisions) Deputation Iram Powell, B Binns, Morgan, Ellford & Milton at the Bucks Head Micham.

The 1855 Publican Directory lists a Buck's Head on "High street, Upper Mitcham".

It is notable that, despite their distance from London, Div. 60 was regarded as a full division of the LCS, not an independent society with which the LCS corresponded. This goes to demonstrate both that the LCS did not feel restricted by geographical boundaries, and that the influence of the LCS was expanding beyond the precints of London -- something that the government had expressed concern about during the 1794 Treason Trials.

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