Friday, January 8, 2010

Coach and Horses, Turhnam Green

In a meeting of the LCS General Committee on 3 September 1795, it was reported:

Hodgson informed Comee that Several Citizens wished to establish a Divn at the Coach & horses Turnham Green Sunday 2 O'Clock.

Add MSS 27813, fos. 121v-5v; Thale p99

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According to the Coach and Horses occupied the large building on the corner of Chiswick High Road and Netheravon Road, which is now empty. "It was licensed by 1761 and described as a `humble roadside inn’ frequented by market carts on their way to London. The `humble’ inn was demolished in 1900 and replaced by a `palatial building’ which, in 1972 when it had become a Schooner Inn, had a stream running around the main bar. The pub’s `inn sign’ was a full scale model of a coach on the first floor balcony."

In the eighteenth-century Chiswick was a haven for wealthy landowners who built a number of large manor houses in the area. Alexander Pope lived here with his parents between 1716 and 1719, William Hogarth bought a country residence here in 1746, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau stayed here in 1766. As such it is an unusual place for the LCS, but demonstrates the breadth of its appeal in the years after the treason trials.

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